Welcome to Great Basin Optical Laboratories's web site. We are a full optical lab specializing in supplying polarized finished lenses in traditional or Digital process. We sell the finished lens as an uncut to be edged in your own finishing lab or if your prefer, we can handle the whole job. We offer vast experience working with polarized lenses, low prices, courteous service, and fast dependable delivery.

         As you are aware, the emphasis in the optical industry today is on selling the benefits of specialty lenses. Polarized lenses are some of the easiest specialty lenses to sell, since the benefits are so easy to explain and demonstrate. Why? Because first of all, they are polarized. This reduces eyestrain by blocking out the scattered white light we see as glare. When the glare is gone, objects appear sharper, colors more vivid, and everything is seen in true natural proportion. Second, our polarized lenses block out all UV.

         Most optical labs just do not stock polarized lenses. This means that they have to special order them from a supplier before they can begin to fill your Rx. We keep in inventory the most complete line of polarized lenses in the country. This enables us to begin your job the day we receive your order.

         Because Polarized lenses is all we do, we save you money! To quote Lenses & Technology magazine: "Many dispensers have found that diversifying their lab base has helped them remain competitive in the marketplace. For example, one doctor went over state lines to find a lab that saved him $25 per job and turnaround time between the two labs was negligible."

         For quick service when ordering go to our Web Order Page. Be assured that we are committed to offering you prompt delivery and courteous service. Please Call: 818-208-4265